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Determine the types of electronic items that United States import with US custom import data

The people of United States are very fond of electronic items and spend most our time in using them that is why United States shares a major part in the imports of electronic items in the international trade market. There are lots of major electronic items that USA import in the large number of quantity including mobile phones, monitors, projectors, Electrical converters, Lower-voltage switches, Electric motors, semi-conductors and many more.

With the prospective of the latest US custom import data, the United States majorly buys these electronic items from China which represents the 63% of total imports of electronic items, followed by Mexico (19%), Thailand (5.9%), Vietnam (2.0%), Malaysia (1.3%), Japan (1.3%), Singapore (0.79%)
and many more.


Types of Electronic items that United States imported recently


Here is the complete table which represents the types of electronic items that USA imported, total worth of imported commodities and ups & downs of their imports-


Types of Electronic items (US imports)

Total worth of imported items

Ups & downs of US imports

Phone system devices including smartphones

US$104.9 billion Dollars

(Up 76.8%)

Integrated circuits/micro assemblies

$30.8 billion Dollars

(Up 86.3%)

TV receivers/monitors/projectors

$23.4 billion Dollars

(Down -30.2%)

Insulated wire/cable

$19.4 billion Dollars

(Up 117.2%)

Electrical converters/power units

$14.2 billion Dollars

(Up 43.9%)

Solar power diodes/semi-conductors

$13.9 billion Dollars

(Up 191.9%)

TV receiver/transmit/digital cameras

$10.6 billion Dollars

(Down -1.9%)

Electrical/optical circuit boards, panels

$10.6 billion Dollars

(Up 136.8%)

Lower-voltage switches, fuses

$10.5 billion Dollars

(Up 76.2%)

Electric motors, generators

$9 billion Dollars

(up 78.8%)

With the reference of above table and the past year’s US custom import data, the imports of all major types of electronic items is gradually increasing in the trade market of United States except two types of item i.e. TV receivers/monitors/projectors and TV receiver/transmit/digital cameras.

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